iCarsoft KR v1.0 honest Review - EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW

Welcome to my iCarsoft KR v1.0 Honest Review. The iCarsoft KR v1.0 is a Kia, Hyundai & Daewoo dedicated OBD2 Scan Tool/Code Reader with integrated screen. It supports functions like service reset, engine, abs, airbag, transmission read/reset functions & standard code reading for all systems.

You will also be able to carry out maintenance tasks like Oil service/maintenance reset. This post will give you an impartial honest review of the product, and in addition show you where to buy the KR v1.0 for the cheapest price online right now. Prices are refreshed and checked daily.

The KR v1.0 is the new version of the i901. It is a much better product with better software and better system & vehicle coverage. The KR v1.0 is simply brilliant. Allow me to explain. 

iCarsoft v1.0 KR Kia Hyundai Code Reader Scan Tool

Where to buy cheapest PRICE iCarsoft KR v1.0

Here at Scan Tool Network, we scan the listings for the best prices daily. It is also important to make sure you are buying a 100% genuine Kia/Hyundai KR v1.0 product. You can be confident that you are buying the genuine item when following links from this site. 

iCarsoft KR v1.0 engine, abs, airbag & transmission coverage & more

As you would expect, the Kia/Hyunda KR v1.0 is able to diagnose all systems within all cars. The main systems in all cars are the engine, ABS, airbags & transmission. But the tool also covers all of the other systems like air conditioning, door locks, windows, power steering, parking sensors, suspension & so much more. Take a look at some of the screen shots below which show some system coverage.

The actual coverage of each vehicle may differ.

iCarsoft KR v1.0 Vehicle Coverage

The iCarsoft KR v1.0 covers pretty much all modern Kia/Hyundai cars as follows

KIA: Avella, Carens/Rondo, Cee’d, Cerato, Clarus, Enterprise, Joice, K2500/K2700/K3000, Optima/Magentis, Picanto, Pregio, Pride, Retona, Rio, Sephia, Shuma/Spectra, Soul, Sportage, Venga, Sedona, Carnival, Forte, Sorento, VQ, Cadenza, Borrego, Opirus, K3, K5, Quoris

Hyundai: i10, i20, i30, i40, iX35, Accent, Atos, Atos Prime, Azera, Coupe, Elantra, Equus, Galloper, Getz, Grande Santa Fe, Grandeur, H-1, H100, G90, H350, HB20, HD Coupe, Marcia, Matrix, Rohens Coupe, Rohens, Santa Fe, Sonata, Terracan, Trajet, Veloster, Veracruz, XG, Sonata Hybrid, Tucson, Genesis, Solaris, Centennial, Creta, Eon

iCarsoft KR v1.0 Special functions service reset etc

The Kia/Hyundai KR v1.0 only covers the oil service/maintenance special funtion. If you wanted extra special functions like Steering Angle Sensor, Electronic Parking Brake, DPF, New Battery Registration etc the you need to go for the iCarsoft KR V2.0

Oil Reset - Kia/Hyunda iCarsoft KR v1.0

Oil Reset: Performs reset for the Engine Oil Life system, which calculates an optimal oil life change interval depending on the vehicle driving conditions and climate, and turns off the warning light

Update Cost for iCarsoft KR v1.0 v1.0

Software updates for the Kia/Hyundai iCarsoft KR v1.0 are FREE FOR LIFE. This is one of the many advantages with the v1.0 tools. Other diagnostic tools will only give you 1 year free updates, and after that you will need to pay a yearly update fee if you wish to continue receiving the updates for the tool. 

To update the KR v1.0 visit this page.

iCarsoft BMW & Mini BMM v1.0 Main Menu Home Screen

Box Contents iCarsoft KR v1.0

The box contents for the iCarsoft KR v1.0 include 

iCarsoft KR v1.0 Main Unit, Main cable, Mini USB Cable, Quick Reference Guide, User Manual.

iCarsoft Kia Hyundai KR v1.0 box contents

iCarsoft KR v1.0 - Genuine or fake clone

I’m pleased you asked. Unfortunately the market is flooded with fake & clone items which claim to be real iCarsoft KR v1.0 kits. The reality is that there are many fake/clone iCarsoft products, so you need to be very careful. On this page you will only find links to 100% genuine products. You can buy the genuine iCarsoft KR v1.0 here.

Genuine iCarsoft products will come with a unique serial number & UID Code.  Without the serial number, the product cannot be registered. 

Help & Support - iCarsoft KR v1.0

Help & support for the KR v1.0 is readily available. If you have bought from an official stockist (like Diagnostic World) you can contact them, and an official iCarsoft engineer will be in touch to work out any issues or problems. Unfortunately if buying an iCarsoft KR v1.0 on eBay or Amazon, it will be very unlikely that you will receive any sort of after sales support or help.

Languages for iCarsoft KR v1.0

The Kia/Hyundai KR v1.0 is available in a number of languages including English, Spanish, German, Dutch, French.

To change the language, go into the setup icon and select Languages.

demonstration videos - iCarsoft KR v1.0

It wouldn’t be a fair iCarsoft KR v1.0 Honest Review if we didn’t include some videos.

We have prepared a few videos of the KR v1.0 which will give you an idea of how the tool works. As you can see it is very easy to use with a touch screen system.

iCarsoft KR v1.0 DPF Live Data

We get a lot of questions from customers asking if the KR v1.0 is suitable for  LIVE DPF DATA and the answer is YES. It shows lots of DPF values including soot content, soot percentage, ash content, distance from last DPF regeneration.

The way the information is displayed will differ from car to car, but below is an example of the KR v1.0 showing live DPF data. It will show Live data in either text or number form and also graphing form.

It should be mentioned though that the KR v1.0 is not suitable for DPF regeneration. For that function you would need to use the iCarsoft KR v2.0.

iCarsoft KR v1.0 Screen shots

Our image gallery below will show you lots of images from the screens of the KR v1.0. They should give you a better idea of the type of system functions, system coverage and vehicle coverage you will get when buying the tool.

iCarsoft KR v1.0 Live Data

Another important feature of the iCarsoft KR v1.0 is the live data screens that are available. The tool is able to give graph data and numerical data for a wide range of systems and sensors including oil temperature, transmission temperature, MAF sensor, MAP sensor, O2 oxygen sensors, fuel trims, and so much more. Take a closer look at the live data in the images below.

iCarsoft KR v1.0 Live ABS Sensor Data

You are also able to obtain lots of ABS wheel speed sensor live data with the KR v1.0.

You need to select the ABS/PSM option from the main menu, then select the live data option, and select which datastreams you wish to see.

In the images below, we show live data for the ABS wheel speed sensors. This important if you think you have a fault speed sensor, but don’t actually have any fault codes. 

It will basically tell you straight away which sensor is faulty.


It’s important to know if the KR v1.0 kit is suitable for your needs. We think the KR v1.0 is best suited to

Kia/Hyundai Owners

Kia/Hyundai Enthusiasts

Mobile Mechanics

Auto Tuners

Car Dealers

Small Garages/Workshops

warranty & guarantee - iCarsoft kr v1.0

The KR v1.0 comes with a 1 year warranty & guarantee. This means if your unit develops an internal fault (which is not caused by the user) it will be replaced or repaired for free. If your unit needs to be repaired and is outside of the 1 year time frame it can still be repaired but you will be charged.

In my personal experience of using iCarsoft units though, there has never been a single issue that has results in the unit needing to be repaired or replaced. The quality is very good.

iCarsoft KR v1.0 next day delivery - honest review

Next day delivery is available for the Kia/Hyundai KR v1.0, but you will need to speak to the seller first to make sure it can be arranged and they will confirm the cost. Generally it is available for an extra £10. Order the item here for next day delivery.

return policy - honest review

When buying the KR v1.0 you have a certain time frame in which to return the item if you are not happy with it, for instance if it does not work correctly. Each seller is different. With this product you get 30 days to return the item and get your money back if it is not as described.

iCarsoft KR v1.0 pro's & cons - honest review

As with all diagnostic code readers & scan tools there are pro’s and cons. There is no scan tool that is 100% perfect. So the list of Pro’s & Con’s should help you decide if this tool is good for your and your needs. It wouldn’t be a true iCarsoft KR v1.0 Honest Review if we didn’t mention the good and the bad.






















The KR v1.0 is not wireless. You need to run one end of the main cable into the OBD2 port of the car, and the other end into the KR v1.0 main unit.

How to Use iCarsoft KR v1.0 - honest review

Using the KR v1.0 is really simple. You simply plug one end of the cable into the diagnostic port of the vehicle, and the end of the cable into the KR v1.0 main unit. 

Ideally we recommend turning on the engine, this will ensure that all systems within the car are activated. You can then begin to select your vehicle, and diagnose systems and reset warning lights and messages. Here is a demonstration of the tool resetting and airbag light.

Where can i download the PDF manual for iCarsoft KR v1.0

iCarsoft KR v1.0 good value for money?

Is the KR v1.0 good value for money? Having spent quite a bit of time with the device, my answer in short, is simply yes.

For the price you pay, versus the system coverage, vehicle coverage & special functions it represents unrivalled value for money.

Couple that with the free lifetime updates, it is sometimes hard to look past the KR v1.0, unless you absolutely have your heart set on a super high end diagnostic package.

In other words if you only need to cover a Kia/Hyundai car for diagnostics then the KR v1.0 is definitely the tool for you.

If you want to cover Kia, Hyundai and other makes and models then we recommend looking at the iCarsoft CR Pro kit.

iCarsoft KR v1.0 alternatives or competitors

There are of course other alternatives to the KR v1.0 Scan tool however the functions and special functions differ. The i901, the KR v2.0 and the Foxwell NT530 are the direct competitors to the KR v1.0.

You can learn about the differences in the videos below.

How does it power up?

Most Scan Tools take their power from the diagnostic port of the vehicle, KR v1.0 is no different.

When you plug one end of the main cable into the OBD2 diagnostic port, and the other end of the cable into the KR v1.0 the screen will light up.


Some diagnostic Kia/Hyundai packages will limit you to a certain number of VIN number’s (cars) unless you upgrade to a professional package.

The KR v1.0 has no restriction on the amount of cars you can use it on, so you can use the kit on unlimited cars without any restrictions.

icarsoft KR v1.0 Protocols

The KR v1.0 uses the following protocols to communicate to a vehicle 

ISO 157-4 (CAN)

SAE J1850 (PWM)

SAE J1850 (VPW)

ISO 9141-2

ISO 14230-4 (KWP)

KR v1.0 communication failure

If you get the communication failure message when trying to connect to a system in your car it means there is a problem.

The message is generally cause by a fault with the software on the KR v1.0 and you would generally need to contact  Mr. Barnett Davies at iCarsoft HQ. His email address is support@icarsoft.us

Best practice is to make sure the engine is running, this will ensure that all systems are active and allow communications.

Also make sure that the system you are trying to connect to is actually installed to the car. For example the menu system may mention a TV tuner, but if the car does not have a TV tuner installed and you try to connect you will get a communication failure message on screen.

iCarsoft KR v1.0 Honest Review & summary

We hope you have enjoyed this iCarsoft KR v1.0 Honest Review. Here at www.scantoolnetwork.com we review, test and compare thousands of scan tools. Above all,  the KR v1.0 in our opinion is one of the best bang for buck Kia/Hyundai code readers/OBD2 scan tools on the market right now. The fact that the purchase price is lower than its competitors, and in some cases you get more functions and coverage, and also free lifetime updates makes it a sure winner in our book. 

This is of course coming from a background where we test a lot of Kia/Hyundai cars daily, so to sum up, if you are perhaps an enthusiast with a lot of Kia/Hyundai cars, or small workshop/mobile mechanic business that deals with Kia/Hyundai cars then this is definitely the tool for you. In conclusion we highly recommend this tool to anybody who is considering it.